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Watch a video of one of ISW’s Mathematics teachers, Mrs Gearhart, teach her class about how to find the area of a pentagon in our HBL program. See our Teachers In Action.

请观看ISW的高中数学老师Mrs. Gearhart的视频, 她在HBL家庭学习中教学生是如何求正五边形的面积.

Mrs Gearhart is one of 70% of our staff that come from the United States and teaches according to ISW’s North American curriculum. ISW is the only US owned international school in Wuxi with many of our students going to US colleges like Johns Hopkins, University California, Berkeley, New York University, etc…as well as other universities around the world.

ISW 百分之70的老师来自美国,Mrs Gearhart是其中之一,她根据ISW的北美课程教学. ISW是无锡唯一一所美国独资的国际学校,许多学生升到美国大学读书,如约翰霍普金斯大学、加州大学、伯克利、纽约大学等,以及世界各地的其他大学.

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