Senior Feature || Joshua Fan

Start Here, Go Anywhere

Josh Fan has been a student at ISW for 9 years and during his time has developed into an academically gifted individual and a mature young man. Since middle school he was identified as gifted and placed in an accelerated math program. Consequently, under the tutelage of ISW teachers and through his own hard work, he was awarded a National Merit Scholarship for math PSAT scores placing him in the top 3% worldwide. In addition, high Advanced Placement scores in hard sciences like Calculus and Algebra, Statistics and Physics, meant he won multiple college acceptances including world 14th ranked University of Washington. His desire is to apply his love of mathematics and physics by majoring in the field of mechanical engineering.

However, this young man is not just all brains. He is also an athlete who excels at volleyball. Last Fall, the ISW HS Volleyball team beat teams from all over China to win the 2018 ISC Volleyball Championship. Though academically gifted, he cites these experiences in sports as his most memorable for the character-building traits of team work, leadership, and comradeship – “soft skills” important for success in life. This is not surprising. ISW seeks to build well rounded individuals by providing opportunities for both academic excellence and character development.

From his interview, it’s evident that ISW has provided the perfect setting for him to flourish. One of the main reasons he credits for this are his teachers. While all have been different of course, there has been one constant among them all. Their pastoral care. A level of care that goes beyond the norm. Always available for extra tutoring, but not only that. Always available for extra mentoring too. ISW teachers not only want to produce smart individuals, we want to make good people. We do this through caring first. Once a student knows they are valued, accepted and respected for who they are, then they are in the best place to perform and be the best they can be.