Student Support Services


At ISW, we believe that students learn in many different ways and paces, but really only need two things to be successful: motivation and the right support. These two generally come through the caring relationship and guidance of teachers, but may also need to come through additional support services. ISW offers the following types of support services as needed for each student: “English Language Support” and “Academic Learning Support” and "College/University Counseling".

Ms. Hannah Miller
Student Services Director

English Language Support

With over 80% of our student body being non-native English speakers, there a significant need for English Language support every year.

In the 2017-18 school year ISW redesigned its ELS programs to offer three levels of services based on the globally recognized WIDA English Language Program. Students are tested to determine their exact language level. The data we receive helps us provide each student with their required level of support.

Students with a beginner level of English, receive “pull-out” services in small groups. Students in an intermediate level of English, receive “push-in” services in the regular classroom. Students with an advanced or native level of English do not receive any services, but rather are challenged to learn Chinese as a second language. Families can be assured their child’s language needs will be met and their level will be improved. Our students’ English Level ability grows three grade levels on average their first year.