ISC attendees have gone on to attend the Universities of their choice.

Cornell University

Miami University

Butler University

University of California-Berkeley

Liberty University

Johnson University

Handong Global University

University of California-San Diego

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

University of London

Union University

Pennsylvania State University

SUNY(State University of New York) Korea

Berry College


Lansing Community College

Grace College

Seoul National University

University of Texas-Austin

Diablo Valley College

University of Miami

Biola University

Indiana Wesleyan University

University of Illinois

Northwestern College

University of Washington-Seattle

University of Wisconsin-Madison

University of Pennsylvania

Northwestern University


Gordon College

University of Minnesota

University of South Florida

Wheaton College

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Ohio State University-Columbus

Fort Hays State University


Taylor University

Jiangnan University

Kalamazoo College

Indiana University

University of Illinois

Calvin College

ISW Students Attended

ISW Students Accepted

ISC Students Attended


University Planning Overview

10th Grade


  • Take the PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test)
  • Register online for MyRoad


  • Review Stanford Achievement Test and PSAT scores
  • Plan world or community summer service projects
  • Plan junior year courses
  • Search for scholarships and financial aid

11th Grade


  • Schedule a pre-college planning session with the school counselor
  • Take the PSAT/NMSQT
  • Attend a college fair at local schools and visit college websites
  • Take the SAT I (Reasoning Test), SAT II (Subject Tests) and ACT as necessary


  • Take a TOEFL prep class
  • Take the SAT I (Reasoning Test) and ACT as necessary
  • Use My Colege
  • Search potential college websites
  • Target weak academic areas to focus on during summer
  • Obtain recommended reading for college preparation
  • Plan campus visits

12th Grade


  • Review your college transcript
  • Attend a college fair
  • Complete scholarship and financial aid applications
  • Complete college applications by Dec. 1
  • Take the SAT I (Reasoning Test), SAT II (Subject Tests), ACT and TOEFL as necessary


  • U.S. citizens file the FAFSA for financial aid (Available in January)
  • Confirm that colleges have received your 1st semester grades
  • Decide which college to attend

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ISW prepare students for college?

The ISW guidance program begins college preparations from 10th grade. Students can regularly meet with the guidance counselor to discuss their university options and necessary preparations. The guidance program also works extensively with students to prepare them mentally for the transition to a university through seminars and classes throughout their senior year. ISW offers a senior seminar class which explores life calling, leadership, and transition to life at a University. The emphasis of the class is on the whole student academically and emotionally. The Departure Seminar is held in Beijing every January for all of the seniors in the ISC school system. The students learn about what to expect in their transition to a university as well as how to say good-bye to their friends, family, and teachers in a healthy way. Prior to senior year, ISW offers the Third Culture Kid (TCK) Seminar every year to all students and parents.

Does attending a small school like ISW put my child at a disadvantage when applying to universities?

We believe that ISW students have more opportunities to be involved with school activities than at a larger school. Our students are able to participate in multiple extra-curricular activities, be given leadership positions, and interact more often with their teachers and peers. ISW being part of ISC, the larger school system, has already established a reputation with many colleges and universities.

Since ISW follows an American curriculum, will my child be able to attend a European college?

ISW holds a WASC accreditation, which is recognized by colleges and universities around the world. Students in the ISC school system have been accepted to universities in America, Europe, Korea, China, Japan, and various Asian countries.

What AP courses does ISW offer?

ISW is currently offering AP Calculus, AP Physics, and AP Biology.  It is possible for motivated high-English-level students to take AP courses online.  In the past, we have had students take AP Micro/Macroeconomics, AP English Literature & Composition, Dual-Credit Psychology (where students get college credit simultaneously), French, and German.

Does ISW offer the SAT’s to students who do not attend the school?

In the past, ISW has offered the SAT’s to students who were being homeschooled.

Where do students take the SAT and AP tests?

Students take both the AP and SAT tests at ISW.

Does ISW offer the ACT?

We can offer the ACT test; however, our students usually do not take that test. If a student wants to take the ACT we can arrange for them to take it at our school.

Seminar About Third Culture Kids

This seminar, available for free to the community, explores a topic of increasing importance in the age of globalization: Third Culture Kids. “A Third Culture Kid (TCK) is a person who has spent a significant part of his or her developmental years outside the parents’ culture. The TCK builds relationships to all of the cultures, while not having full ownership in any. Although elements from each culture are assimilated into the TCK’s life experiences, the sense of belonging is in relationship to others of similar background” (Pollock & Van Reken, 1999, p. 19).

The seminar is designed for parents of Third Culture Kids and is relevant to the international community in Wuxi.  Parents and businesses alike may receive helpful information and insights about the transition TCKs experience and unique attributes they develop.

The seminar is available by request to be held in additional venues and times around Wuxi. For those wishing to host the seminar, such as a local business, please see the contact information on the side of this page. The TCK seminar will touch on the following topics:

  • Introduction and Definition
  • TCKs and Identity
  • Making the Transition to Another Country
  • TCKs and Change
  • RAFT
  • TCKs in the Global Context
  • Characteristics
  • Challenges
  • Famous TCKs
  • TCKs and Culture