Welcome to Bright Start Early Childhood Center

International School of Wuxi (ISW) is pleased to announce the creation of our early childhood center, dedicated to the specific needs of children ages three to five. We believe that every child is a special person with individual needs. Every aspect of their education should be designed with a purpose – to help them develop their unique gifts and talents. All children deserve to be encouraged, taught, cared for and nurtured within a safe, stimulating, and child-friendly environment.

At Bright Start we believe that every child should be:



At Bright Start we emphasize each child’s personal, emotional, social, physical, and academic development in an age-appropriate context in order to help them lay a firm foundation for a truly successful life. Our program provides initial learning experiences in language development, number concepts, creative skills in fine art and music, and social and physical development. Using concrete experiences, students are given the building blocks for perceiving, thinking and problem solving.



At ISW Bright Start ECC we place a high value on early childhood education in which we combine fun and learning both in and outside the classroom to prepare our youngest students for the challenges that will face them throughout their formal education. Creative educational experiences provide balance and variety among physical, mental, spiritual and social activities as the child’s world of awareness is extended from the home to the classroom.



At Bright Start we believe that only in a safe, nurturing environment are children taught to care and share. Small close-knit classes foster a sense of belonging and community.

Who should enroll in ISW’s Bright Start Early Childhood Center?

  • Children of any nationality, ages 3 to 5 years old
  • Students who in the future may move to the United States or some other English speaking country
  • Children who want to gain experience interacting with peers and educators from diverse cultural backgrounds
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Why should students enroll in ISW’s Bright Start Early Childhood Center?

  • Safe learning environment
  • English is the core language of instruction
  • Caring and competent teachers, co-teachers, and staff who provide high quality education
  • Clean learning, working, playing, eating, and resting areas specifically designed with younger children in mind
  • Individual learning needs addressed with student-focused programing


The Bright Start Early Childhood Center (ECC) combines fun and learning both inside and outside the classroom to prepare our youngest students for their educational future. Our holistic approach to education features a relevant curriculum that emphasizes personal, social, and emotional development. ECC helps students transition to a formal educational setting by integrating discovery and play with math, language arts, science, and social studies concepts at a developmentally appropriate level. Students also have the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities such as music, art, and Chinese language.

Brightstart Early Childhood Center Features:

iPad Program

iPads are incorporated into the ECC program to spark student interest in learning and help students become familiar with using technology at a young age. A class set of iPads is shared amongst all of the ECC classes. iPad programs allow students to color and draw, read books, and play educational games.

Safe Play Area

ECC has both an indoor and outdoor play area specifically designed for young children in mind. To encourage our students to be imaginative, the play areas consist of a lot of open space, so the students can run around and play creatively with the equipment.

Healthy Snacks

A morning and afternoon snack is provided by the school for all ECC students Monday through Thursday and Friday afternoons. On Friday, it is the parent’s responsibility to send a healthy and low sugar level snack (fruit, vegetables, crackers, etc.) for the morning snack. If a snack is provided from home which does not meet these criteria, the child will be allowed to eat the snack but the teacher will send home a reminder note about sending an appropriate snack.

Naptime/Quiet Rest Period

In the interest of the students’ physical and mental well-being, ECC students are required to participate in an afternoon naptime/quiet rest period. A teacher is always watching over the children and making sure the students are remaining quiet. The children are encouraged to sleep during this time, but if a child is unable to sleep, the child may lay quietly on their cot. A child may also sit on their cot to look at books and do quiet activities by themselves.

ECC Library

The ISW ECC Library is to be a place where kids learn to love books.  They discover the value of reading books for pleasure and acquiring knowledge.  The ECC Library is to be a safe place for mistakes, questions, and discovery.  It is to be a place of joy.

We fulfill this vision by creating a dynamic place for parents and students to enjoy.  This is completed through parent check out day, wildcat readers, story time, special E2 Fairy Tale time, an iPod station, and concentrated time with ECC in the library. We also hope to foster a feeling of community in the ECC program…a place where the teachers feel open to create partnerships with the library to further the classroom curriculum and student learning. 


  • Wildcat Readers Program
  • Parents may check-out books
  • Parents are encouraged to read at home with child
  • Storytimes and Lessons