Welcome to ISW’s Chinese Program

Chinese Classes

Chinese language department provides classes according to their Chinese levels. For elementary school classes, Grade 1 has two levels. Grade 2 and 3 has four levels, and Grade 4 and 5 has 4 levels.  For secondary school classes, we separate middle school classes (Grade 6-8) and high school classes (Grade 9-12) into four different levels.

Teachers and Curriculum

We have five Chinese native speaking teachers, and each teacher uses the variety methods and skills to teach students to listen, speak and read Chinese. Teachers use various resources to help guide their lesson. A few of the textbooks that are used in the Chinese classes include “Easy Steps to Chinese” which is Beijing University published and “Chinese Language” which is published by Marshall Cavendish International (Singapore).

Chinese Celebrations

The Chinese program also wants to teach students about their Chinese culture and traditions. School wide events are held such as the annual China Week where students participate in various cultural activities to help them become more familiar with the Chinese culture. Students also get to experience Chinese special festivals throughout the year. The Chinese program aims to help students become more comfortable and enjoy living in China.

China Week 2014 Highlights