ELL Shark Museum

Around ISW

The ELL Shark Museum opened on December 3rd and 4th in the school library last week. It hosted almost 200 visitors included campus students from kindergarten to high school, staff, parents, and visitors. To launch this program the 2nd grade ELL students spent 3 weeks on learning about different types of sharks based on their basic data, facts, and posters. In addition, we read more than 20 books, which we learned about sharks’ teeth, sense, attack, habits, and much more.

Paper cup shark art crafts, general shark facts, lists of prey and shark diagrams were posted around the exhibit. There was a long line waiting at the Shark Photo Booth. Visitors to the museum began their show with a video no the 10 biggest sharks. After a thrilling video, it was time to have ELL students entertain and inform their visitors.

At the end of the whole tour, visitors voted for their favorite shark which they had looked at the pictures and introductions on the exhibition wall. Great White Shark hit the top! Now ELL students they are busying with doing their final writing about the sharks. They are going to send the letters on Monday to KwaZulu-Natal Shark Board in South Africa, and share about what they have learned and experienced through this event.