Student Support Services


At ISW, we believe that students learn in many different ways and paces, but really only need two things to be successful: motivation and the right support. These two generally come through the caring relationship and guidance of teachers, but may also need to come through additional support services. ISW offers the following types of support services as needed for each student: “English Language Support” and “Academic Learning Support” and "College & Career Counseling".

Lianne Ong
Student Services Director

English Language Support

With over 80% of our student body being non-native English speakers, there a significant need for English Language support every year.

In the 2017-18 school year ISW redesigned its ELS programs to offer three levels of services based on the globally recognized WIDA English Language Program. Students are tested to determine their exact language level. The data we receive helps us provide each student with their required level of support.

Students with a beginner level of English, receive “pull-out” services in small groups. Students in an intermediate level of English, receive “push-in” services in the regular classroom. Students with an advanced or native level of English do not receive any services, but rather are challenged to learn Chinese as a second language. Families can be assured their child’s language needs will be met and their level will be improved. Our students’ English Level ability grows three grade levels on average their first year.

Academic Learning Support

The learning support program provides students with supports and services needed for success. Students are identified for support services through MAP testing or teacher recommendation. After identification, RtI, or Response to Intervention, is the process used to make instructional decisions about student interventions. This is a tiered approach with increasingly intensive interventions at each level. The first tier includes core, differentiated classroom instruction. In the second tier, students are given targeted group interventions or supplemental support. In tier three, students are provided with individualized intensive interventions. Assessments such as the WISC-V Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children and WIAT III Wechsler Individual Achievement Test are given by organizations partnered with ISW to determine student needs.

Social and Emotional Counseling

Our school counselor meets with students who may be having emotional or social difficulties and helps them determine the best courses of action, which may include a recommendation of additional counseling. Conversations are confidential and the counselor is available on campus to individuals or groups of students for discussion of problems relating to emotional growth, social adjustment, academic achievement or any other issue.

College & Career Guidance Counseling

College is an important stage in life, and we recognize that it is a stepping stone towards a bigger world. In order to best guide and prepare our students for the transition to college, ISW provides college and career counseling through seminar classes as well as one-on-one meetings. ISW also has two guidance counselors for high school students, Ms. Lianne Ong & Mrs. Eunice Kim, who specialize in helping our students with career and college advice, college application preparation, and more. Our goals is to help each student consider different options and identify a major or career path that will best assist them with reaching their dreams for the future. Through providing information about universities around the world, we hope to increase students’ awareness of the variety of higher education options available to them, and then through further research and the use of BridgeU, we support students with narrowing down the list of colleges that best match their goals. Our high school students’ academic performance and standardized testing scores are monitored regularly to encourage struggling to students to improve and to help students meet the necessary admission criteria and become strong candidates so that they can thrive in their next stage of life.

University Planning Overview

9th Grade
Develop study skills
Take the PSAT 8/9
Attend a college fair to explore options
Participate in extracurricular activities to identify strengths and interests

10th Grade
Participate in Sophomore Seminar class
Take the PSAT
Take career, personality, and learning styles assessments
Research careers
Attend a college fair and virtual information sessions
Research universities by visiting university website and using BridgeU and other search tools
Continue participation in extracurricular activities to develop strengths and interests
Take AP exams, as necessary

11th Grade
Participate in Junior Seminar class
Take the SAT and/or ACT, as necessary
Prepare and take TOEFL or other English Language Proficiency test, as necessary
Attend a college fair and virtual information sessions, visit colleges (if possible)
Discuss finances with parents
Participate in leadership, work, and/or volunteer opportunities
Research university programs and admission requirements by visiting university website and using BridgeU and other search tools
Create a shortlist of universities, including reach, match, and safety schools
Brainstorm and draft essays or personal statement
Take AP exams, as necessary

12th Grade
Participate in Senior Seminar class
Finalize application list and check deadlines and requirements
Take the SAT and/or ACT, as necessary
Take TOEFL or other English Language Proficiency test, as necessary
Communicate with university admission officers for additional information
Complete college applications
Complete scholarship and financial aid applications
Take AP exams, as necessary
Decide which college to attend

*University Acceptances (Past 5 years indicates matriculation)**

Chung-Ang University
DaeJeon University Medical Department
George Mason University
Handong Global University
HanYang University
KAIST, DaeJeon
Karnavati University
Kookmin University
Korea University
Sogang University
Sungkyunkwan University
Sunway University
Yonsei University

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Arizona State University
Azusa Pacific University
Baylor University
Beloit College
Binghamton University
Bob Jones University
Cairn University
California Baptist University
California Poly State University-San Luis Obispo
Calvin College
Cedarville University
Creighton University
Emmaus Bible College
Fashion Institute of Technology
Gordon College
Houghton College
Illinois State University
John Brown University
Kalamazoo College
Lawrence University
Lafayette College
Lehigh University
Liberty University
Louisiana State University
Loyola Marymount University
Michigan State University
Ohio State University
Purdue University
Rice University
Rutgers University
Seattle Pacific University
Smith College
Southern Methodist University
Southwest Baptist University
State University of New York-Cortland
Stony Brook University
Swarthmore College
The College of Wooster
Tulane University
Tulsa University
University of California Davis
University of California Riverside
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
University of Minnesota
University of Mississippi
University of Oregon
University of Washington
Wheaton College

Macquarie University
Centro Universitario Filadelfia