High School


I continually see it as a daily blessing to lead the ISW High School Division. ISW high school students are challenged to become globally-minded future leaders in the career fields they choose to embark on. At ISW, the dedicated High School team is committed to meeting the needs of our students academically, physically, socially, and emotionally and challenging them to reach their full potential. We have increased Advanced Placement (AP) course offerings both on-site and online; Our high school athletes can compete in SAYC Athletics League and iSC tournaments; Highschool students meet daily for advisory to build connections, develop social and emotional skills, and our Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) program allows students to explore deeper into their interest areas, and practice leadership. We enjoy seeing our students enter their dream colleges and universities worldwide and become world-class leaders.

Barbara Foster
High School Principal


The ISW curriculum provides a holistic program that balances the development of concepts, skills, and character. Our approach focuses on the developing child's growth, addressing social, physical, emotional, and cultural needs and academic welfare.

Our program focuses on guided inquiry, collaboration, and communication as approaches to teaching and learning to provide an environment that fosters the development of problem-solving, critical thinking, and subject competencies.

The classroom teacher teaches the subjects of Language Arts, History, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. Whenever possible, transdisciplinary links are made across subjects to maximize learning connections.

ISW launched the Advisory Program in 2021-2022. Teachers and students worked together during the advisory time to build connections, develop social and emotional skills, and have fun.

Specialists teach Chinese, PE, Music, and Visual Arts to form a comprehensive, varied, rich experience. Technology enhances and broadens the scope and quality of student learning.

The language of instruction is English, with additional support for non-English speakers.

A Closer Look


The best learning is active and engaged. It can be found in ordinary places. Take our open gym nights or our High School dance troupe practices, for example. These activities energize students and help them to see the holistic connections between mind, body, and spirit. Activities outside the classroom are more than just add-ons to the core curriculum. They are a continuous enrichment, a way to sustain and deepen learning.

At ISW, Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) are essential to education beyond the classroom. CCA motivates learning, character building, physical growth, and creativity while developing confidence and educating the whole child. Students are encouraged to participate and explore all opportunities that interest them. Students involved in co-curricular opportunities become more invested in the school experience, increasing the chance for higher academic performance, social well-being, and leadership development.

CCA offered at ISW(2022-2023):
• AR Reading
• Spanish Language & Culture
• Anime
• MS Student Council
• PIP (Personal Interests Project)
• Change-Makers (Community Service-SK Hynix sponsor)
• Computer Program Coding (Student-led)
• Frisbee (Student-led)
• Business Forum (Student-led)
• Science Experiment (Student-led)


ISW's fantastic athletics program grows our students' knowledge of the sport and teaches them how to compete at their highest levels. We compete in volleyball, basketball, and soccer tournaments and regular season play in our city league (SYAC) and across our district (iSC).In high school, the emphasis is on students maximizing their potential as a team to achieve success. This means that playing time is not always equally distributed, but every student is given meaningful playing time


Physical education helps children develop physical and social-emotional skills to become healthier young people through different sports and games. Sportsmanship, work ethic, communication, and inclusion are daily lessons woven into each activity. The goal is to build confidence, self-worth, and problem-solving through a physically active lifestyle.


ISW’s High School, Visual art students use paint, collage, sculptural, and digital media to explore artistic expression in a structured and supportive environment. One of the main goals of the art program is to introduce students to classic and modern creative techniques and then let them create and explore. In addition, they learn about artists, art movements, and how to move from concept to creation.


ISW is the only international school in Wuxi with a symphonic band program. Students involved with the ISW music department get the opportunity to develop instrumental and choral skills by playing a variety of music and getting to perform throughout the year at events like Java and Jazz and the annual Spring Concert.
ISW also has a developing drama program where students can work with others and express themselves and their thoughts through plays, monologues, and more.


After-school activities are a great tool in our aim to develop well-rounded students. The school sponsors a number of after-school activities that give High School students an opportunity to explore and excel in a particular sport, hobby, or area of interest.

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