Third Grade Science Fair

Planetary Exhibits from our Solar System

Our third grade students teamed up and prepared presentations over different planets from our solar system. Our diligent students represented 8 different planets from Mercury to Neptune and everything in between.

The Presenters worked diligently on their exhibits using technology to research, creating a presentation board, making models of the planets, and writing speeches to present to visitors of the science fair.

The 1st Place Winners of the “Blue Ribbon Award” are the Mars Presenters: Leo Ji, Elliot Gabbert, and Geon Ryu. 2nd Place goes to the Neptune team, Yume Kato, Katelyn Park and Michelle He. Third place goes to the Earth presenters Ryan Lee and ChaeWan Ahn.

Great job to all of our 3rd Grade Students on their presentations and on all of their hard work preparing for the event.