Senior Feature || Kim Qin

Start Here, Go Anywhere

This week’s student interview is with Kim Qin. She came to ISW three years ago with a desire to learn and become fluent in English but also discover her passion and future field of study.

By watching the video clip, you would never think Kim’s English had been poor. Through the help of her teachers and her own hard work she is now fluent and excels in the college level content that is taught at ISW through Advanced Placement courses. You might say Kim is a special case, but for non-native English speakers at ISW, we see English improvement and fluency attained within 2-3 years on average.

In addition to learning English. Kim has also discovered the thing that she is good at. Mathematics. ISW provides a wide range of courses to help students discover their gifting and build confidence in their own ability.

In fact, ISW has been providing the right environment for students to excel for a while now. Longer than any other international school in Wuxi. Since 2015, ISW’s AP results have been above both the global and China average. Not only does this help students to gain college acceptance, but also with an AP score of 3 or more, students can gain college credit or a waiver. Globally recognized and able to reduce college student workload, AP is an incredibly powerful tool and pathway to higher university education.

Kim is proof of all this. Three years on, she is now about to graduate from ISW and head off to the United States to study at Rutgers, the prestigious state university of New Jersey majoring in mathematics.