ISW Students are Back!

On our first day back, all our Secondary students participated in several trainings for the new policies and procedures regarding virus prevention and control. They are definitely fast learners and are already beginning to understand that although school is back in session on campus, there are a lot of differences to the daily routines.


In light of a smooth start for secondary students and our eagerness to see our elementary students, we have of course been in communication with the Wuxi Education Bureau about getting approval for our elementary students to return to campus. However, in line with other schools, we anticipate approval for grade 5-3 only at this stage. We will be hosting another inspection of our campus later this week, and will be able to send out confirmation of our approval on Friday.


Special thanks must go to the Wuxi Education Bureau, New District Education Bureau, Health and Safety Bureau, Technology Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Center for Disease Control and Market Supervision Administration.


We are extremely thankful for their tremendous leadership in helping ISW, and all schools in Wuxi, successfully navigate the COVID-19 lockdown.


To our ISW parents - thank you so much for all of your support, patience and goodwill, and in making our first days back on campus go very smoothly!


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