ISW | Elementary School Opens

On Monday, April 27, ISW was able to open its doors for Elementary grades 3-5. Thanks to the hard work of ISW staff, there was no hesitation by Wuxi local authorities to give their approval. A key part of the approval process was ISW’s staffing plan of national and foreign staff. All authorities were extremely satisfied with this and confident in ISW’s well-known high-quality program, for which many of our teachers have received special recognition and awards.


Special thanks must go to the Wuxi Education Bureau, New District Education Bureau, Health and Safety Bureau, Technology Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Center for Disease Control and Market Supervision Administration.


We are extremely thankful for their tremendous leadership in helping ISW, and all schools in Wuxi, successfully navigate the COVID-19 lockdown.


We anticipate lower elementary to follow soon after and look forward to sharing good news here again. This means more and more of our students are getting back to experiencing more of this at ISW: