Home Based Learning at ISW

At this time, International School of Wuxi wants to thank the local Wuxi authorities and central government for their help, support and guidance during the Coronavirus situation. We encourage everybody including our students and families to follow government public notices and take all precautions to stay safe and healthy!

In addition, we also want to continue providing learning opportunities for our students both at home in Wuxi and afar through ISW’s Home Based Learning (HBL) initiative. ISW is a pre-K to G12 international school with its teachers using a combination of WeChat, email and other online platforms to continue delivering education so students can learn in remote locations. The idea is, that despite the disruption, by the time students come back on campus they will have continued to follow the curriculum sequence and time line. Not only is it important to continue learning, but HBL also gives students something useful to do while at home as they watch and complete assigned work for grading. This is true of all classes from Foundations (3 year olds) to grade 12 (Seniors). To see an example of this kind of learning, watch the video from our Early Childhood Centre Director Donata Gray about forms of transport as she teaches her Foundations class.

Even if your child is not an ISW student, you can share this video with him/her to learn about Transport. But most of all, please stay safe and healthy following all precautions, and together support central and local authorities to beat the Coronavirus.