Home Based Learning - A Parent's View

During the Coronavirus situation, the International School of Wuxi has been a pioneer of Home Based Learning having started on February 3rd.

在冠状病毒疫情期间,ISW从2月3日起率先开展了家庭学习课程 (HBL).

This has allowed our students to stay in engaged with their teachers and their education in order to provide an important sense of the familiar and stability.


Even so, we realize that circumstances are not easy for parents and students. To help us understand our situation, Mike Klumpp, ISW’s resident author, educator and Home Based Learning expert – still in Wuxi – is on hand in the video to share with us his experience and also a parent’s perspective on HBL.

即便如此,我们也意识到父母和学生的处境并不容易。为了帮助我们了解更多的情况,ISW的老师兼作家、家庭学习专家Mike Klumpp(仍然在无锡)在视频中与我们分享了他的经验和作为家长对HBL的看法.

If you have any questions about HBL or ISW, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you back at school very soon, but until then, stay clean and stay healthy!

如果您有关于HBL的问题, 请微信联系 Maggie Chen.

Mike Klumpp - Author, Educator and Home Based Learning Expert