Lucia Forbes

Ms. Forbes was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology, a national certificate in Educare, a TEFL Certificate, a CELTA Certificate, and an IELTS Examiner's Certificate, where she served as an examiner for two years. She has taught has experience teaching in an international school in China (2005). She accepted an appointment as a designated librarian for five years where she assisted learners with their self-study programs during break times. Ms. Forbes has been at ISW since 2020 and says that her favorite part of ISW is being a part of an incredible teaching team and teaching a vibrant kindergarten class!

Lucia Forbes
Kindergarten Teacher
Cape Town, South Africa

BA in Theology
Educare National Certificate
TEFL Certificate
CELTA Certificate
IELTS Examiner's Certificate.