Helen He

Mrs.He was born in northeast of China. She grew up and entered college in Jilin province. She received a bachelor's degree in politics from college and she is now preparing her master degree. She holds a teaching license and certificate of CET-6 from her college in Jilin. During the time working at ISW, she obtained a second-level counselor and child psychologist certificate in 2019. She has been teaching for over six years, one years as an English teacher in a training school in Dalian, then five years as a co-teacher at ISW and now half a year as a learning support teacher. This is her fifth year at ISW and first year as learning support teacher. Mrs. He's favorite part of ISW is to see her students' progress and their healthy growth.

Helen He
Learning Support Teacher
Jilin Province

BA in Politics
CET-6 Teaching Degree
Second Lelve Counselor & Psychologist Certificate