Helen He

Mrs.He was born in northeast China. She grew up and entered college in Jilin province. She received a bachelor's degree in politics from college and is now preparing for her Master's Degree. She holds a teaching license and certificate of CET-6 from her college in Jilin. While working at ISW, she obtained a second-level counselor and child psychologist certificate in 2019. She has been teaching for over six years, one year as an English teacher in a training school in Dalian, then five years as a co-teacher at ISW, and now half a year as a learning support teacher. This is her fifth year at ISW and first year as a learning support teacher. Mrs. He's favorite part of ISW is seeing her students' progress and healthy growth.

Helen He
Learning Support Teacher
Jilin Province

BA in Politics
CET-6 Teaching Degree
Second Lelve Counselor & Psychologist Certificate