Amber Coxfield

Ms. Coxfield was born and raised in the bustling and multicultural New York City. She graduated from The City University of New York - York College Campus. She received a bachelor's degree in both Elementary Education and Psychology. Mrs. Coxfield began her teaching career in 2001, working for the New York City Department of Education for three years, and then moved to New Jersey. Ms. Coxfield currently holds a K-6 New Jersey teaching certification. She has been teaching a plethora of elementary grade levels during her teaching tenure, and Ms. Coxfield is now into her second year teaching at ISW where she began as a Junior Kindergarten teacher and is now currently assigned the fourth Grade. Her favorite part about working at ISW is the family atmosphere.

Amber Coxfield
G2 Teacher
New York City, NY, USA

BA in Elementary Education
BA in Psychology
State of New Jersey Teaching License