Job Vacancies

Teaching positions

  • Early Childhood Center Homeroom Teacher
  • Elementary Homeroom Teacher
  • Elementary Physical Education Teacher
  • Middle School Math Teacher
  • High School Science Teacher
  • High School Social Studies Teacher
  • Other Positions

  • IT Director

    Candidate Requirements


  • Has a Bachelor degree in education.
  • Has a valid Teaching Certificate.
  • Has at least two years teaching experience
  • Demonstrates ability to work effectively with foreign and national students with sensitivity to unique and multicultural perspectives and thoughts.
  • Demonstrates ability to plan, organize, execute, and evaluate in the classroom setting.

IT Director:

  • Has a Bachelor degree, preferably in the IT field.
  • Works in the related position for three to five years.
  • Is able to think and work systematically and analytically.
  • Has strong problem-solving skills and can work under pressure with multitasks.
  • Has strong project planning and project management skills.
  • Has leadership skills.

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Job Requirements

Teaching positions:

  • Performs the following in regard to curriculum and instruction.
  • Develops weekly lesson plans with a view toward accomplishing student learner outcomes, course objectives, and standards and benchmarks as stated in curricular documents.
  • Maintains proper classroom discipline, taking care of minor problems personally and referring major problems to the principal.
  • Develops a positive, nurturing class environment.
  • Implements instructional technology, audio-visual materials, class projects and other methods that enhance learning.
  • Adapts strategies for working with second language learners (especially SIOP strategies).
  • Uses differentiation to work toward meeting the needs of the students in the class including students with learning differences.
  • Assigns homework that supports learning and that is within the expectations and goals of the school.
  • Attends and participates in teacher's meetings, some evening programs if involving his or her students, annual teacher's conference, and other meetings as assigned in the teacher’s handbook.
  • Holds help classes after school as needed.
  • Completes paperwork including the following:
    1. Beginning, mid-year, and end of the year goal forms.
    2. Mid-quarter grade reports 4 times per year (Elementary through HS).
    3. Report cards 4 times per year.
    4. Inventories of classroom equipment/ supplies/books.
    5. End-of-year debriefing evaluation form.
    6. Administration of achievement tests as assigned or required.
    7. Accreditation paperwork.
    8. Other paperwork as assigned or requested.
  • Cleans or repairs building or classroom:
    1. Tends to the overall appearance of the classroom.
    2. Assists in overall cleanliness and maintenance of facilities.
    3. Promptly reports repair needs to the administration.
    4. Completes end of the year cleaning of the classroom area.
    5. Is available to parents or students who wish to have a conference during or after school.
    6. Is prepared for twice-yearly conferences with parents of each student
  • ECC – Required fall home visits, optional spring conferences
  • Elementary – Required fall conferences, optional spring conferences
  • Middle School – Required fall student led conferences, optional spring student led conferences
  • High School – Conferences as desired by teacher or parent
  • Students on Action Plans – Teachers who work with that child must attend the annual conference
  • Supervises extracurricular activities, organizations, outings as assigned in the teacher’s handbook. This includes fall camp and spring trip for secondary.
  • Oversees or participates in chapels or assemblies as referred to in teacher’s handbook or as mentioned in a teacher’s specific job requirements.
  • Takes part in the yearly professional development program as assigned in the annual professional development plan. This includes prescribed activities for teachers in their first and second years of teaching at TIS, along with school-wide emphases and work on individual goals.
  • Serves on committees, such as those for accreditation or curriculum review, as requested or assigned.
  • Carries out other duties and responsibilities as deemed appropriate by the supervisor.

IT Director:

  • Implements policies and procedures for IT to support the overall school objectives.
  • Sets up, maintains, supports and updates systems, websites, networks, equipment and devices with regards to information technology management in every function of the school.
  • Oversees the infrastructure of technology to facilitate communication
  • Manages the team of information technologists including system support, administration, engineers and business partners.
  • Manages and trains specialist managers.
  • Prepares and oversees IT management budget
  • Carries out other duties and responsibilities as deemed appropriate by the supervisor.

    Teaching positions

ISW offers a competitive benefits package that includes Chinese social insurance for our staff in addition to the following benefits:

  • A monthly stipend good enough for living and saving
  • Income taxes (paid to taxing authority on behalf of employee)
  • Paid holidays
  • Furnished housing (rental and various maintenance/fees)
  • A monthly child stipend for up to 2 children
  • Free education for children in ISW
  • Global health Insurance for staff and their dependents
  • Life Insurance
  • Bi-annual round-trip air travel for staff member and family to visit home country
  • Advancement opportunities in curriculum and supervisory leadership
  • Member care provision from professional experts – regular social and emotional care, cultural training
  • Service based compensation, including retirement allowance on signing of new 2-year renewal contract
  • Professional Development opportunities, including eligibility to study for a Master’s degree on signing 2-year renewal contract
  • Pre-field orientation to prepare educators and their families for overseas service
  • A rest and relaxation allowance