When did the school start?
ISW began its first school year in 2007.
How is the school accredited?
ISW has a school license from the National Education Bureau, as well as from the Jiangsu, and Wuxi Municipal Education Bureaus. We also have been awarded the highest possible accreditation through the Western Association of Colleges and Schools (WASC).
Where are your teachers from?
ISW has teachers from many different countries with a majority of them being from America.
How international are you?
We have students from 18 different nationalities at ISW.
What are the main nationalities represented at the school?
Most of our students are Korean, and North American.
Where do most students live?
In Wuxi, most students live in the Wuxi Xin Wu District. Within the Xin Wu District, most of our students are located within the Chang Jiang Guo Ji apartment complexes, Di Yi Guo Ji apartment complex, and Wanke Dong Jun
Does the school provide busing?
ISW offers bussing services to major residential areas in Xin Wu District.
Where can I find the academic calendar?
The academic calendar can be found on our website here
What is the school’s dress code?
Students are expected to dress modestly. Clothing should not be revealing or bizarre, and should not bear offensive words or slogans. Cleanliness, neatness, good grooming, and respect for local customs are standards ISW students are required to uphold.
Will my child be able to transition well to an international school?
Children have instinctive ability of adaptation and almost all the students transition well into our school. It’s just a matter of time; some students can adapt to the new environment quickly while others take a little bit more time to adjust. Most of the new students get high satisfaction from our school. They can acclimate well and they like their teachers very much.
Are parents encouraged to be involved at the school?
Yes. Parents get connected with their children’s teachers and communicate frequently about their children’s growth. They also have opportunities to get involved field trips, parties, events, and fundraising. ISW has begun our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) to provide more opportunities for parents to involved.
When can I visit the school?
ISW is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM. You can schedule a visit by contacting or calling us at +86 (0510)8101-9012
Can you babysit my child after school?
ISW staff work after school and cannot provide babysitting or childcare.
Are you a boarding school?
ISW does not offer boarding or home stay facilities for students.
How does the school communicate with parents?
ISW has language liaisons for Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and English. ISW communicates through email, phone, WeChat, and letters sent home with students.
What activities can parents get involved?
Parents can get involved with almost every event hosted at ISW.
Can you offer busing service to any location?
ISW has five busses that travel throughout Wuxi. Bus routes do not exceed 50 kilometers per trip. Contact ISW to inquiry if your family lives within bussing distance.
Do you have a swimming pool?
No, ISW does not have a swimming pool.
How can I be involved in PTO?
There are multiple ways to get involved. Contact us to learn more!
How can I apply?
You may begin applying by filling out our online application or contacting us directly.
When should I apply?
Applications for the next school year should begin as early as February.
When I fill out the application form, what am I committing to?
Application forms are written communication expressing a desire to learn more about ISW and potentially enroll your child at ISW.
Is there a deadline for submitting my application?
ISW has an open, rolling admissions process. With that being said, some of our classes reach capacity. When classes reach capacity, your child will be put on a waiting list. In return, we encourage parents to begin the application process as soon as possible for their children to be considered.
What documents should I prepare for my child’s enrollment?
There are multiple documents parents will be asked to prepare for admissions. When completing the application process, we will need you to bring your children’s and both parents passports, a photo of your child, report cards or transcripts of the past two school years, and immunization records (if your child is going into first grade).
Should all the application documents be prepared with an English notarization?
Though helpful, application documents are not required to be notarized. ISW staff will translate application documents.
How long does it normally take before I know if my child has been accepted to the school?
Within five business days.
Does my child have to join the school on a specific date - the beginning of the school year, for example?
ISW has rolling admissions meaning that students can start at any point throughout the year.
What are the admission level tests?
ISW’s admission tests is comprehensive to identify your children’s English level and maturity. For the English portion, ISW uses WIDA’s W-APT test to help ISW understand your child’s English level.
Do we need to come to the school for an assessment?
Yes, ISW does not currently offer online assessment, an assessment time can be scheduled by contacting us at or by +86 (0510)8101-9012
If my child fails the admissions test, when could they test again?
ISW never considers admissions test a pass/fail assessment. Each child’s admission test is handled individually and with care. A child will only be rejected if ISW cannot meet specific special needs or if they’re entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grade without enough credits or if their English is too low.
Is there a waiting list?
ISW has waiting lists for classes that have reached full capacity. Contact us to find out if there is space for your child.
Does my child need to be fluent in English to attend?
Your child does not need to be fluent in english but does need to know English. Classes at ISW are taught in English with English Language Learning Support for students of various english levels.
What is the minimum age we can start sending our child to school?
Three years old.
Do you admit students with disabilities?
ISW is not able to meet the needs of every student with disabilities but will make every effort to meet the needs of each child it admits. Contact us and we can work towards a plan to help your child get a quality education.
Do you accept students with special learning needs?
ISW is not able to meet the needs of students with severe learning disabilities. Parents should inform the school if their child has a known learning disability. ISW will make every effort to meet the needs of each child it admits.
If my child is very close the age cutoff date, can s/he be admitted to the grade I want?
ISW’s age cutoff date is August 31st with a special exception cutoff extending to September 30th.
What should we prepare for class?
Each grade has different supplies that are required. We will inform you after your child is accepted. All the school supplies can be bought at a local stores.
Should I buy textbooks and materials?
The school will pay for the textbook fees and students will have to return the books at the end of the school year. Students will be fined for damaged or lost books.
Do you offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses?
ISW offers a wide variety of AP courses. Our current course offerings that we rotate through are English Language Composition, Microeconomics, World History, Physics C (Electricity and Magnetism), Psychology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chinese, Statistics, and Biology.
My child isn't strong in their English abilities, will they be able to learn well in class?
ISW has English Language Support Services to help support your student at almost any English level to ensure they succeed and adapt to our English speaking environment.
Will my child go down a grade if their English isn't good enough?
Our student’s placement is determined based on age, English level, maturity, and previous school records. Rarely do we move a student down a grade solely due to their English level but the move is to create the best learning atmosphere for each student.
What world languages are offered?
ISW offers Chinese and German language classes.
How do you prepare my child for college?
Our education approach is based on North American standards which are college preparatory in nature (starting in Elementary school). In addition to our education approach, ISW has a college guidance program that begins in 10th grade, full details of the program can be found here .
What college entrance exams do you offer?
ISW is an approved PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP testing center.
Will graduates be accepted to universities outside of china?
ISW has had many graduates be accepted to and attend universities around the world.
What activities are available outside the classroom?
ISW many different clubs and groups as a part of after school activities. In secondary students can take part in Volleyball, Basketball, and Soccer.
Do students have to take part in all of the after school activities?
Students are not required to participate in after school activities.
Where do students go after graduation?
ISW students go to many universities across several countries. A full list of universities can be found on our counseling page
Will my child have the opportunity to learn how to play musical instruments?
ISW has a full symphonic band program from beginning band to advance band for Secondary students. Elementary students will get an opportunity to learn a variety of instruments including recorder, ukulele, and hand bells.
Please tell me more about your clubs and extracurricular activities.
ISW has a variety of clubs offered as after school activities the full list changes every semester so contact us for the most updated information.. We also have an athletics program for our Middle School and High School. ISW also offers co-curricular activities for high school.