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Whether your child is three years old, finishing high school, new to international schools, or a long-time attendee, ISW is the place for you.

Dr. Angela Patterson
Head of School

International Schools Consortium (iSC)

International Schools Consortium

The International School of Wuxi is a part of the International Schools Consortium (iSC) — a nonprofit organization that, since 1986, has offered excellent academic programs to meet the intellectual, physical, social, spiritual,and emotional needs of students. iSC has six schools in China — in Chengdu, Qingdao, Wuhan, Wuxi, Tianjin, and Yantai — one school in the UAE, and helps to support various other educational initiatives globally. iSC is a multi-school organization, enabling students and teachers to participate in system-wide programs where they can interact with others outside of their immediate school. Students compete in basketball, volleyball and soccer tournaments, as well as music festivals, Model United Nations (MUN) conventions and science fairs. In addition to student programs, iSC’s provides annual professional development for all our teachers and staff. The opportunity to be a part of this larger, interconnected community is just one of the many ways in which the experience is unique. iSC is a division of the Leadership Development International (LDi) family of companies, which is an organization committed to leadership development, training, and transformation around the world.


iSC / ISW Purpose Statement

As a member of the iSC schools, ISW is committed to providing

transformative, holistic PreK-12 education to develop globally-minded individuals

who love, learn and lead.



Experienced nurses always available

The ISW Nurse’s Office has a school nurse on duty every day that school is in session to serve students and staff. Parents are also welcome to visit the clinic if they have questions. Our Health Office is equipped to handle minor injuries and illnesses, and regularly provides advice to school, students and parents on best practices for health. For children who need medication during school days, the nurse can administer the medicine at the time requested. Our experienced nurses are constantly working to maintain a learning environment for our students that meets Western health and hygiene standards.


It's all about hygiene, health, and great food

Healthy, well-balanced food is crucial for each child’s development. At ISW, we ensure this through regular health and hygiene procedures and inspection,smeal preparation and menu planning. This starts with a kitchen that meets health standards. Our kitchen and dining areas are regularly checked by government authorities to assure that all hygiene standards are met and hygiene procedures are followed.

All our lunches are prepared by our own chefs, who have worked in international hotels and are very experienced in both Western and Chinese cuisines. We purchase our food and beverage products from trusted vendors only, and each morning carefully select meat, vegetables and fruit.

Each day, our students can choose between Western and Chinese food. They can also, of course, bring their own lunch and warm it up in one of our microwaves. An assortment of drinks and small snacks are available throughout day. All students eat their lunches in our clean cafeteria.

Safety & Security

2018 Safety and Security Poster Winner, Hayden Smith from Chengdu International School


To ensure the safety of our students, parents and visitors are required to sign-in at the information desk upon entering the school building. Badges identifying parents and visitors are available at the desk and must be worn at all times while on campus. Before leaving the school please turn in your badge and sign-out.


  • iSC schools feature security measures that provide a safe learning environment. We have a door that is locked at all times and only accessible through the use of a personal pin number or fingerprint scanner.
  • iSC schools have a strict pick-up policy. All new individuals picking up, even those listed on the enrollment forms, are required to show ID regardless of relation.
  • When in the care of our staff, all children are accompanied, supervised, and in line of sight at all times without exception.
  • The majority of our staff members are CPR and First Aid certified and receive a minimum of 24 hours continuing education classes bi-annually.
  • All Bus Drivers have yearly driver safety training.
  • First aid certified staff are present at every school event.
  • An AED is provided in the event of an emergency.


  • All schoos obtain fire code certification from their local fire bureau.
  • Alarm systems and fire suppression equipment are in place.
  • In the event there is an obstacle blocking your escape route, go to the closest exit. Once outside the teacher should proceed to their assigned gathering point.
  • In the event that the route to the assigned gathering point is blocked, immediately proceed to the alternate gathering point.
  • Teachers and students stand quietly in line until word is given from the administration that it is safe to re-enter the building.


Healthy, well-balanced food is crucial for each child’s development. This starts with a kitchen that meets health standards. Our kitchen and dining areas are regularly checked by government safety inspectors to assure that all hygiene standards are met and hygiene procedures are followed.

Students have a choice between Asian and Western cuisine, which are prepared by our own chefs. We purchase our food and beverage products from trusted vendors only, and each morning carefully select meat, vegetables and fruit for daily meals.

Each day, our students can choose between Western and Chinese food. They can of course also bring their own lunch and warm it up in microwaves provided in the cafeteria. An assortment of drinks and small snacks are available throughout day.

All students eat their lunch in our clean and spacious cafeteria. The Early Childhood Department has its own cozy lunch area, specially designed and equipped for our smallest students.


A Safety Plan is developed for each off-campus event and a copy should be maintained in the school office.
The plan includes:

  • Pre-visits to the trip destination to confirm all accommodation, food, activity and service information.
  • List of students on the trip, with current emergency phone numbers
  • Permission to travel forms signed by parent / guardian
  • Medical information pertaining to trip participants who require specific medical assistance
  • List of teachers and chaperones, with contact information
  • For overnight and out of city event, a calling tree in the safety plan ensures full contact.
  • To the extent possible, teachers and chaperones have access to cellular phones while on the off-campus events.


Air quality and the effects of heavily polluted air on children’s health is a serious concern. For that reason, iSC schools’ indoor facilities (classrooms, hallways and areas for indoor sport and play) are closed from outside air and constantly provided with filtered air though our Centralized Air Filtration System. This allows us to continue with classes and sports, even on heavily polluted days. We check the air pollution rate several times each day.

For our outdoor facilities, iSC schools monitor pollution levels on a daily basis. A policy is in place to adjust activities in an attempt to safeguard the health and wellness of our students. This policy applies to outdoor sports as well as outdoor playtime. A summary of our AQI (Air Quality Index) policy:

  • AQI 0-150: normal activities
  • AQI150-200: reduced-intensity activities
  • AQI 200-250: Elementary students indoors; Secondary students have low-intensity activities if outdoors
  • AQI > 250: All activities inside

Teachers will immediately pull a student from an activity if he/she shows signs of abnormal respiratory distress, and notify the school nurse for further monitoring.


The safety and security of our people and the communities in which we operate is critical. We must be vigilant, disciplined, and always looking out for one another. Each of us is a role model for others. Do not enter classrooms unless escorted by a member of staff or by prior arrangement.


If you have any concerns about a child’s behavior or treatment, please contact the main reception as quickly as possible. Report any accident, injury, illness, or unsafe condition immediately. Never assume that someone else has reported or will report a risk or concern. Stop work, your own or others, if you consider it unsafe. Speak up if you observe an unsafe or unhealthy working environment. Listen to others who speak up.


Walk to the nearest stairwell and exit the building. Do not use elevators. Proceed to the track area behind the school. Do not re-enter the building until you are told it is safe to do so.


In case of an emergency requiring a lock-down, locate yourself in a room, and lock the door. Go to an area of the room that is away from the door and away from the windows. Stay until an announcement is made.