Nurturing Environment

ISW teachers and staff get to know our students personally and care about their emotional health and character development. We set a limit to class size so that teachers are able to give adequate attention to each student. Each class is taught by an expatriate teacher and one or two local co-teachers. We recognize that while excellence in academics is critical, integrity and good character are equally important.  The academic curriculum at ISW is focused on developing well-rounded students by offering a wide variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities for all students from preschool through 12th grade.  Many of these activities are modeled after the best practices in the USA such as Model United Nations, Choral/Band Performances, Sports Leagues, etc. By integrating character building with academic learning, our students are able to realize their intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual potential.


Co-Curricular Program


Our rigorous curriculum features a strong reading program to encourage students to independently read for fun, advanced placement classes for high school students to earn college credit, and the integration of iPads into daily lessons for all grades to enhance student learning.  We enforce English being the medium of instruction, and provide an extensive supplementary English Learning Program at no additional cost for non-native English speakers to move up to their grade level in English ability. ISW follows an American college preparatory curriculum that is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).  Our teachers collaborate with other teachers from schools within the ISC system to develop and maintain our high content standards for each course.  We want to prepare our students for life beyond the classroom by helping them build strong study habits, develop critical thinking skills, and mature into life-long learners.


Academic Program

An Experienced International Team

All classes are taught by experienced and highly qualified expatriate teachers recruited by the LDI office in the USA, and assisted by one or two co-teachers. Our expatriate teachers are certified from accredited institutions and on average have more than five years of teaching experience; over half have a Master or PhD degree. Our co-teachers must have a teaching certificate. The ISW team is global and diverse, with international staff from many countries in the world including USA, Spain, Canada, Korea, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, and Albania.  ISW instructors take a personal interest in the success of each student and work to create a nurturing environment in their classrooms to support the growth and development of each student.  All the ISW staff work closely together to provide the best learning environment for our students.


ISW Staff