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We inspire and challenge our students every day. Not just to memorize books, but to live them; not just to study science, but to experiment with it.

A warm welcome from our Head of School

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Welcome to the International School of Wuxi. It is my honor to serve as Wuxi’s Head of School. For 17 years, International School of Wuxi. worked to build strong relationships with its students and their families from around the globe while serving the Wuxi community. We are deeply committed to providing our students with high-quality, well-rounded, and rigorous education experiences. Students have ample opportunities for hands-on learning, giving them opportunities to apply what they have learned.  

We want our students to enjoy learning and be transformed into globally-minded individuals. We aim to grow our students’ abilities and help develop their gifts and talents. Wuxi values academics as well as character development.

We understand that students learn in different ways. We work to ensure all students have access to learning opportunities and access to the appropriate resources to maximize their learning potential. To meet our students’ needs, we offer support services such as Academic Learning Support, English Language Support, Social Emotional Counseling, and College + Career Counseling.

International School of Wuxi is a warm and caring community of teachers and professionals who want to serve and see students succeed and grow into leaders who learn, love, and lead.

Schedule a time to visit our campus and experience this unique Wuxi learning community. We look forward to serving you and your family.

Dr Phillip Williams
Head of School

Our values

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Discerning then acting as one


We cherish the diversity of our students and take every opportunity to celebrate our shared experiences and unique perspectives. Whether it’s through collaborative class projects, festive Christmas parties, or our vibrant International Day, we embrace and appreciate the similarities and differences that make our community so special.

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Serve our communities and cultures


At International School of Wuxi, our students are dedicated to making a positive difference in the world. They devote their time, skills, and energy to various service projects, such as service trips, fundraising for charities, supporting underprivileged schools, and helping build up rural communities. We believe in teaching our students the importance of giving back and making a positive impact.

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Inspiring change to realize greater potential


There’s more to learning than gaining knowledge. We invite every student to step out of their comfort zone and do something meaningful. Our courses are designed to cultivate leadership qualities in our students, fostering critical and creative thinking skills, and many of our graduates go on to attend prestigious universities and embark on successful careers around the world.

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Making a positive difference in the lives of others


Learning gives us the knowledge and skills to get out of our comfort zone and contribute something of worth. Dedicating our time, skills, and energy to others not only shows our students how to make a difference for the common good, but teaches them the importance of empathy, compassion and global citizenship.

A brief history


Small beginnings
Leadership Development International (now LifePlus) collaborates with DongFang International School to establish the International School of Wuxi.


Recognized for excellence
We earn the highest level of Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation, which lasts for six years.


Better together
Through our parent organization, we partner with other international schools across China to share knowledge and ideas, resources and expertise, talent and support.


Growing with our students
As part of the LifePlus family, we become accredited by Cognia—a world-renowned educational body—making us the only international school in Wuxi to enjoy two formal accreditations.

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In this section

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From the inside out

Our qualities

There’s more to learning than gaining knowledge. To bring transformation from the inside out, we stay true to our values and invite everyone to join in.

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World-class people


Receive the highest-quality education from world-class teachers using the latest and leading standards, practices and innovations.

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Built for purpose


Every aspect of our campus has been carefully considered to promote academic and character growth in a safe, secure environment.

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Putting students first

Safety + well-being

We’re proud to be a safe and caring community with our own counselling team, support specialists, and on-site health office.

Recognized for excellence

Cognia logo

International School of Wuxi is accredited by Cognia, the largest education improvement organization in the world—demonstrating our commitment to learners, teachers, leaders and communities.

A special encounter

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